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Near Novosibirsk it is found 13 - j a companion fragment the Meridian

the Quantity of fragments of the ill-fated companion has reached baker`s dozen. Inhabitants of Ordynsky area have found the thirteenth fragment. Under the form it is the metal sheet which was a covering of the device.

Despite « unhappy » serial number, zhelezjaka has not done any misfortunes. It has nobly landed in the field where there are no residential buildings.

Other spare parts « the Meridian » were not so polite: some of them drop in inhabited court yard, and one weighty sphere even has broken a roof in the house.

Rescuers believe that from thirteen spare parts not to gather yet « a puzzle » the companion. Most likely, fragments much more. In nearby Chulym area the expert on GO and CHS considers, as there there will be space vehicle fragments. But most likely, when in fields snow will thaw.