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In Sergache to the organizer of a narcobrothel have given conditional term

Sergachsky district court the sentence is pronounced to organizers of a narcobrothel by Sergachsky district court of the Nizhniy Novgorod region the sentence is pronounced to three citizens accused of the organisation and the maintenance of a brothel for consumption of narcotics, and also in illicit manufacturing and storage of drugs.

- in the beginning of July, 2011 two narcodependent - offender A and L - have suggested the acquaintance S to organise earlier in its house a brothel for the use of drugs, on what that has agreed, - inform in a press - service of Sergachsky district court. -   the narcobrothel operated during the period from July till September, 2011. A and L made in the house drugs for personal consumption, and also for consumption by their other narcodependent persons. As payment addicts gave to defendants the components necessary for manufacturing of drugs. The owner of apartment With. In quality compensation for premise granting received money and spirits.

in September employees   the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances defendants have been detained. During survey of a premise of kitchen the ware and the substances used at manufacturing of drugs, and also syringes with a liquid containing in the structure a narcotic &ndash have been found out and withdrawn; dezomorfin. At the moment of detention A and L   were in a status of narcotic intoxication.

- under the petition accused criminal case was considered by Sergachsky district court in a special order of proceeding as defendants have completely agreed with the charge shown to it, - inform in a press to court service. - in judicial session they recognised fault and have repented of a criminal conduct, having promised to change the way of life. At adjudgment the court has considered as the denounced circumstances extenuating fault a recognition them of fault, active contribution to disclosing of crimes, presence at L and A minor children. Aggravating fault denounced A circumstance was that in its actions there is a dangerous relapse of crimes (earlier it is recognised was repeatedly we judge, served time in the form of real imprisonment, was last time released from imprisonment places in May, 2011 conditionally - ahead of schedule).

the Sentence of court L and S denounces by 2 years to 6 months of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 2 years, A punishment in the form of real imprisonment for a period of 3 years with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a high security is appointed.

the sentence has not entered validity.