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In Issyk - Kulsky area members of dangerous criminal group

Under the information a press - services of Ministry of Internal Affairs KR are detained, employees of law-enforcement bodies Issyk - Kulsky area in a course operatively - search and is investigatory - operative actions   grave crimes are opened and murders suspected of fulfilment with special cruelty are detained.

on December, 13th in OVD Sokuluksky area the inhabitant was converted has sat down Is new - Pavlovka which have informed that on December, 10th it 23 - summer son Ruslan Toktosunov has left the house on a motor vehicle « Mercedes - Benz » and not   has returned. Local   ROVD orientations in all regional and city Departments of Internal Affairs have been dispatched. Soon the car   has been found out in Balykchi in the local resident.

field investigators GUUR were connected To investigation the Ministry of Internal Affairs,   the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs   Chujsky area and   Issyk - Kulkogo of the regional Department of Internal Affairs. It was found out,   that the inhabitant Balykchi has bought the car at unknown persons.

After a while   detectives   left   on a trace of suspects which during the carried out special action have been detained.

On preliminary   to the data, on December, 10th on road service station of Bishkek the unknown person has asked Rusana Toktosunova which were engaged in private carrying, to bring it in one of villages Issyk - Kulsky area, thus having promised it is good to pay.

When have arrived in with. Saruu Dzheti - Oguzsky area, in the car has sat down the friend of the passenger. A deceit passengers have enticed the driver towards lake, have struck an axe blow in area of a head and have strangled a belt. When the guy has ceased to submit life signs, its body have hidden in the field.

In Balykchy suspects have exchanged a motor vehicle killed on a horse, which later   have sold in village the Mayovka to the local resident.

As a result of December, 22nd on boundary fast of Ak - Zhol field investigators GUUR the Ministries of Internal Affairs have detained inhabitants of Dzheti - Oguzsky area of 21 and 25 years, involved   to   to the given crime.

Arrested persons have specified a murder place. It is soon investigatory - operative groups of Department of Internal Affairs Yssyk - Kulsky area and OVD Dzheti - Oguzsky area near to village Saruu   the body of missing person Toktosunova was revealed.

At carrying out further operatively - investigatory actions it was found out that one of   arrested persons it is involved to   to other grave crime - to murder of the inhabitant of Tjupsky area. At survey on a body of the woman were available plural koloto - rezanye wounds.

by Investigatory department of Department of Internal Affairs Issyk - Kulsky area on the given facts it is raised   criminal case on item 97 (murder) of UK KR.