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The Baikal streamer: in one day under a slope the truck has descended and the car

Two major accidents has lighted up have occurred on a federal line « Irkutsk - Chita ». In the people this site name Baikal « a streamer ». It is considered dangerous enough and emergency.

At first here under a slope has descended sedelnyj the tractor « Internatsional » with the semitrailer. The car transported from Novosibirsk in the Uhlan - Ude almost 20 tons of spices. On abrupt turn the driver has not managed to drive. As he said, moving on a twisting site of road with long descent, it has been urged to press a brake pedal constantly. As a result, brake blocks have overheated, and the car has lost manoeuvrability. The tractor with the trailer in length of 16 metres was not entered in the next turn, has taken down a concrete protection to the right of road and has broken under a slope. The driver, probably, was born under a lucky star. He has had time to jump out of a large object which has departed downwards. Bolshegruz has turned to a metal heap. The driver have taken away in hospital with brain concussion, crisis of a shin, a finger of a hand and a shoulder dislocation.

After some hours on the same narrow site of road again there was a road accident. At the car « Iveko » which followed from the Perm edge in the Uhlan - Ude, the wheel has lighted up. Fire was quickly threw on the semitrailer in which there were two eight-ton tanks with szhizhennym gas argon. The driver has tried to extinguish a flame independently. Having understood that it is useless, has unhooked the semitrailer from a waggon.

the Arrived firemen from Kultuka have extinguished a fire. Inspectors of traffic police all night long were on duty on this site. Next morning the car with tanks has continued movement on a route.

On it informs OVD on Sljudjansky area

On this line to Baikalsk many cars break. Photo OVD on Sljudjansky area.