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Michael Suhodolsky asks employees not to abuse flashers

- It is necessary with understanding concerns interdictions of movement during every possible forums, summits and others vip - meetings, - new head GU considers the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Petersburg and Leningrad region Michael Suhodolsky. - Certainly, it creates certain inconveniences for inhabitants of Northern capital. But such actions not only work on image of a city on Neva, but also raise its investment appeal.

So the general - the colonel asks inhabitants to suffer. From its part, Suhodolsky has charged to employees of traffic police   it is better to study routes vip - trains. And thus to give it is more than attention to fares through pedestrian crossings and crossroads without traffic lights. Also Suhodolsky recommended State traffic inspectorates to supervise on a maximum employees of law-enforcement bodies.

- to Break traffic regulations with use spetssignalov it is possible only in exceptional cases, - Michael Suhodolsky has underlined.

we Will remind that only in the end of last week because of employee GIBBD in Petersburg there was a serious failure. The policeman « Mercedes » has faced with « Ford Mondeo » on Sunday evening on Ring. 40 - the summer pregnant woman driving Ford and it 17 - a summer daughter have got to hospital. The girl was lost, and her mother has lost the not born kid (read In road accident with participation of the car of traffic police the girl " was lost; ).

the Most loud road accident pravoohranitelej has occurred to participation four years ago on the Far East prospectus. And   a sentence already to the former inspectors of traffic police to Alexander Pavolvu and Andrey Stankevichu have taken out only one month ago. We will remind, departure of the militian car on vstrechku has led to tragedy: 24 - summer Evgenie Grigorovsky on « Opele » trying to leave from collision, ran into a column. Pauls and Stankevich did not try to help the victim, and at all have not called « Fast ». Men simply - naprosto have disappeared from a place of accident. The young driver « Opelja » was lost. Pavlova which drove an official car, have sentenced to two years of a colony - settlements, and also for three years have deprived of the right to operate any transport. Criminal prosecution concerning Stankevicha have stopped, as the crime limitation period has expired.

one more loud failure, fortunately, has done without victims. In the end of 2009 one of the cars of a federal protection service accompanying a train of chairman SovFeda Sergey Mironov of that time, a reserve « Toyota » Petersburgers Evgenii Zender. And on a back armchair of a foreign car in a children`s armchair the child went. Sergey Mironov has publicly apologised before the woman for actions of employees FSO and has promised to refuse their services in the following visits to Northern capital.

Petersburgers already inform the FIRST RESPONSES, where « to catch » infringers in epaulets

the Statement Suhodolsky is live discuss in the Network

the Inhabitant with Suvorovsky:   I with summer even will specify a place, where they break constantly - every day! It is the Suvorovsky prospectus - opposite to their management: it laziness to go to a crossroads and they go to the input and an internal court yard through two continuous. And on Kirochnoj - around school 163. I see every day as GAI officers and more any crews are developed through double continuous without any signals. Already it is a lot of years! Yet I will not see the return, I will consider the new chief as the idle talker (without offences). The heads should start to set an example at first from itself!

the inhabitant from the North: And that is created on Foundry, directly near « the Big House »?

Tsap: On Garden, on a crossroads with the Voznesensky prospectus. Directly on a pedestrian crossing policemen cars stand. At them there branch nearby.

Anatolich: On Vasilevsky island, on 9 - j lines hundred times saw, how employees of our valorous militia the second row rise. Close the car and go to cafe to have dinner.