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To Kuzbas there are heavy rains and thunder-storms

Under the forecast Kemerovo gidrometeotsentra, within the next few days on area cloudy weather with clearings up, rains, thunder-storm places is expected. So, on June, 24th in Kemerovo the temperature of air will make +12 &hellip at night; +14. In the afternoon air will get warm to +22 … +24. In Novokuznetsk on Friday it will be cloudy, the temperature of air will make +12, in the afternoon - +21 at night. In both cities will pass rains, thunder-storms are possible.

  the Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Kemerovo region reminds rules of safe behaviour during a thunder-storm. First of all, avoid open district, and also reservoirs. Water – the excellent guide of a current. During a thunder-storm it is impossible to bathe, fish. Most safely in a thunder-storm to be in a premise with a lightning rod. If the thunder-storm has found you in a city, hide in shop, an entrance or, as a last resort, wait a thunder-storm under a canopy at walls of buildings. Also do not hide at all under trees.

  Fortunately, the cold front which has become by the reason of sharply changed weather, will hold on over Kuzbas not for long. Already in the beginning of the next week hot weather will return to region with day temperature +30 … +32.