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Finns create the airport for peterbruzhtsev

In Lappenranta which is absolutely near to border, there is a small airdrome where planes from different regions of Finland arrive. And after all the Russian Vyborg absolutely near by, and Petersburg with its five-million population it is not too far - any 220 kilometres. Why not obsuzhivat and their inhabitants?

and then the authorities of Lappenranta have entered into the agreement with management of civil aircraft about creation on the basis of the local airport of the new transport site. It first of all will be intended for budget airlines, so-called diskaunterov. And it is not casual: such carriers can compete with usual aviapredprijatimi, which and so it is a lot of in Russia. Their bargaining chip - the low prices. They in times differ from the habitual. For example, Finns any more are not surprised for a long time, when 50 euros pay for the ticket to Paris or Geneva. And sometimes and more cheaply.

- the Affinity of Lappenranta to Petersburg does its attractive to budget airlines, - the chief of department of civil aircraft of Finland considers Samuli Haapsalo .

the Researches spent in last autumn by technological university of Tampere, have shown that will be much pitertsev which will want to fly through Finland. After all some of them and used earlier diskaunterami. However, in native Pulkovo - it is rare, there only five budgetary companies now fly: German AirBerlin, Germanwings and Blue Wings, Italian WindJet and Norwegian Norwegian Air Shuttle. Though at any airport terminal of the world they are estimated in tens. The reason is simple: in Russia take for land service of planes much so to make tickets cheap it is impossible. And pitertsy specially go to Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki to fly therefrom. Unless it is possible to resist, if, for example, one of the Irish companies a beret for flight from Riga to Dublin only one pound sterling, and one of Finnish for flight from Helsinki to Zurich - 30 euros?

- For Petersburgers the airport in Lappenranta hardly becomes the main things, - the manager across Finland as one of travel agencies Svetlana Klimov considers . - All - taki there to go 2,5 hours, and that if will be not long staid on border. Precisely not to be late aboard the plane, it is necessary to leave hours for six - ten. Even such low prices, in my opinion, will involve not too many people because they appreciate time. However, now crisis and all can be... And here for Vyborg this airport it will be exact more conveniently, than Pulkovo : to go more close.


At the heart of budget airlines (them still name diskaunterami and lou - kost ) high performance of work and low expenses lies. At the expense of it they give the prices for tickets, improbably low for traditional carriers. The economy is reached at the expense of refusal of long parking of planes at another`s airports - lay gathering, uses of the advanced aircraft depot as the new technics consumes fuel less decrease and less often breaks. On the majority of flights to passengers do not give a food, he can be bought for money: the hamburger or a pizza with koloj will manage approximately in five euros. Sometimes passengers also ask to take luggage in salon not to pay for services of loaders. Tickets for flights, as a rule, are bought through the Internet by means of a credit card that too conducts to economy.