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The Perm pensioners are revolted by arbitrariness of carriers

Carriers outright have decided to boycott decisions of the authorities (read   Transport scandal in Perm: the Travel card? Pay - or from the bus! ) . To rebels (buses 8, 20, 60 and 80) have already joined 5 - j, 11 - j, 13 - j, 19 - j, 27 - j, 30 - j, 43 - j, 59 - j, 74 - j and 77 - j routes. On 40 - m of the conductor warn that since February, 18th travel cards will be - are not valid

In the meantime addressed to the head of Perm Igor Shubina references from public organisations continue to come.

- We, veterans, are revolted by actions of owners of bus routes zakamskogo directions 60, 80, 20 and 8, depriving students, schoolboys and pensioners of the right to use the travel papers, - the chairman of city council of veterans Victor Fomin has written.

the Same is told in letters of chairmen of advice of territorial public self-management (OTOS) Chemical Gradsky and October the Kirov area of Perm. Public men name actions of carriers a disgrace also ask to involve guilty in responsibility.