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The young man who has suffered from explosion of gas in Krasnodar, tried to die

Injured with explosion of household gas in an apartment house of a city of Krasnodar 18 - the summer guy tried to settle scores with life.

we Will remind that the message on explosion in one-room apartment on the fifth floor of the house in the street Dzerzhinsky, 135 has arrived on the panel of dispatching service 01 on February, 16th in 18. 04 Moscow time. In one of apartments on the fifth floor the suffered young man 1991 year of birth has been found out. As he said, it has opened a gas ring and has followed matches in other room. Having come on kitchen, it has lighted a match and then there was a clap without the subsequent fire. At the moment of flash the young man has got burns 2 - 3 degrees of 30 % of a body. A brigade of the first help it has been delivered in the regional burn centre.

As have informed RIA Novosti news agency in regional investigatory department, the young man wanted to commit suicide. Three agonal notes found on a scene bear to it. In them the guy says that was tired to live.

Under the version of inspectors, the young man has included gas and has gone to a room to sleep. But, possibly, have handed over nerves, and it has returned on kitchen, wanted to light and has lighted a match, - there was an explosion.

In investigatory department have specified that as a result of gas explosion the apartment has seriously suffered. Glasses on kitchen and on a balcony are beaten out, doors are beaten out, one wall is hurt.

Now on the given fact inspectors inspects.