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Omichka Tatyana Borodulin became the first at a World Cup stage on shorts - to a track

In Germany has passed the next stage of a World Cup on shorts - to a track on which representatives of Omsk acted.

Tatyana Borodulin,   which   has moved to Australia and   was naturalized as this country, has brought   gold on 500 metres.

Omichka supporting our country - Nina Evteeva - the eighth on a distance in one and a half kilometre, writes All sports .


Shorts - a track (English Short track speed skating, russk. High-speed skating on a short path) - the form of skating sports. In competitions, some sportsmen (as a rule 4 - 6) simultaneously go for a drive on an oval ice path in length of 111 m.

the Technical committee on shorts - to a track - a member of the International union of skaters (ISU Has arisen in Canada in the beginning 20 century; since 1975). In the program of the Olympic games since 1992. The World championships since 1981.

In 1967 the International union of skaters (ISU) has accepted under the aegis of shorts - a track though did not organise the international competitions till 1976 the World championships are spent since 1981 (though the previous competitions later also have received this status). On Olympic Games 1988 in Calgary of shorts - the track was an indicative sport. Completely it has been accepted in the Olympic family only in 1992 and since then is an integral part of the White Olympic Games.