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FAS has again brought actions against four largest oil companies of Russia

the Government continues to press on the oil companies, forcing to reduce the prices for gasoline. The federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has again brought actions against Rosneft LUKOIL, oil Gazprom and the multinational corporation - VR.

- Throughout the fourth quarter 2008 they did not reduce street prices on fuel while in the market the price for oil has decreased, - head FAS Igor Artemyev has declared yesterday.

and in January fuel generals have lifted wholesale prices for some stamps of fuel from 30 to 60 %. In antimonopoly department such behaviour regard as the reviling.

- the call is thrown, we have accepted it, - Artemyev speaks. Penalties concerning the largest Russian oil companies will be several times more than taken out earlier. We will remind, in the autumn of the past year FAS already punished the multinational corporation - VR, Gazprom oil LUKOIL and Rosneft for infringements in the fuel market. The sum of penalties has made from 1,1 to 1,5 billion roubles. But experts are convinced that struggle FASa against the oil companies will not render serious influence on a price level.

- oil industry workers can meet the government and will reduce the prices for gasoline on 1 - 2 roubles. But it will be good will of businessmen, - speaks anatilik to a management company the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov. - till now the oil companies successfully enough beat off attacks FASa: the basic claims of antimonopoly department have been beaten off in courts. Taking into account easing of a rouble exchange rate cost of litre of gasoline has decreased practically to a price level in the USA. And if to consider that very soon there will come spring when the automobile season will open and on village the sowing campaign will begin, Russia can face deficiency of fuel. And here then the government precisely will not master a rise in prices for fuel.