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Igor Shubin: Travel cards not to hand over at all

the Conflict situation with proezdnyi tickets (read Transport scandal in Perm: the Travel card? Pay - or from the bus ) We have asked to comment on the mayor, Igor Shubina.

- Comment on a situation with carriers.

- the Situation   to me it is known. I have allowed the order to organise a staff, to understand this situation, to leave on direct dialogue with carriers, to try to understand, in what have put, what`s happened. Unfortunately, proprietors and those who this sabotage has arranged, till today cannot find and provide with them a meeting.

My position simple: there is a contract, it should be carried out. There is a federal regional municipal legislation on maintenance of journey of preferential categories of citizens, and nobody has allowed to break it. We are always open for dialogue. City administration and I are personally ready to any dialogue with carriers. And if there something is not pleasant, something demands reconstruction, something demands change in contracts, are always ready to understand, hear, but in meaningful dialogue, in an office, behind a table, and here such antinational methods, I would tell even huliganstvujushchie, will be rigidly stopped. Therefore I call all carriers for dialogue. Thank God that carriers basically civilised people. And I think that we will develop schemes which are comprehensible both to business, and for townspeople. Here similar actions should be stopped rigidly. It antigrazhdanstvenno, eventually.

But them the militia, the Office of Public Prosecutor, corresponding bodies already are engaged. And I think that these companions will appear one of these days in courts and in other instances providing the law and order.

- That intend to do further with those who joins carriers - to rebels?

- All the same.

- What to do to passengers?

- Well, in - the first, we spend replacement of these vehicles by forces of other carriers, therefore passengers should suffer, maybe, some inconvenience - discontent, but surnames and names of those   people who in it is guilty, we will publish within the next few days.

- Travel cards to hand over?

- In nowise!

In the meantime, created   the mayor a staff,   have let out the instruction for exempts what to do, if the conductor demands full payment of journey.  

If you have the ticket on trips to public transport of a city of Perm, and the conductor asks to pay you journey or to leave from the bus:

1.   Know that the Law on your party. You have the right to reach to the necessary stop without additional payment of journey.

2.   Save calmness, behave confidently and correctly.

3.   Demand explanations from the conductor - in what an essence of its claims and what bases for repeated payment of journey.

4.   Declare to the conductor that you have bought the ticket on the lawful bases and twice to pay for journey do not gather.

5.   Write down route number, bus state number, event time, a surname, a name, a carrier patronymic.

6.   will give the information on an offence in city department of roads and transport   by phone: (342 259 - 11 - 59 .

7.   If near to you in a similar situation there was a child or the elderly person - render it assistance and support, protect from unauthorized actions of the conductor .