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Swedes intend to limit the right of parents to define sex of future child

Management of public health services and social security of Sweden is going to limit the right of parents to definition of a floor of a germ during ultrasonic research of pregnant women.

the action Purpose - to reduce in the country number of abortions.

the Problem has arisen after the woman of the city of Eskilstuna who already had of several daughters, has made two abortions after has learnt that the expected child again will be a female.

the Personnel of gynecologic branch of Sweden is revolted and wants to know, a leah has it is right to refuse to the woman to do abortion if she does not wish to give birth to girls.

For the inquiry: In Sweden abortions have been resolved in 1975. Till the end of 18 - j the woman has the right of week of pregnancy to abortion without a reason explanation.

the Number of the abortions made in the country in 2008, has made 18 981. It on 374 abortions more than in 2007. The population of Sweden the little exceeds 9,256 million foreheads, informs the Swedish radio.