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Inhabitants of Volgograd do not save on foodstuff

In the beginning of year, the experts studying the retail market asserted that rise in prices for products will force buyers to exchange network shops for the markets, and the consumer`s basket considerably will decrease. However, in practice   it has appeared that consumer ability of inhabitants of Volgograd while remains at former level, despite a rise in prices.

- We have obtained the data from the largest retail networks of Open Company MAN Open Company Radezh the Magnet (Joint-Stock Company Tander ), Pjaterochka (Open Company Tamerlan ) Open Company the Roundabout also have drawn conclusions that, in last turn, people will save money for meal. All - taki quality of foodstuff, without looking at their dearness, is of great importance for townspeople, - the assistant to the head of administration of the Volgograd region under investments and trade Anatoly BROVKO has told .

As monitoring of the minimum street prices on the basic foodstuff in these trading objects bears, for last week in comparison with the previous there was some rise in prices for an onion napiform, rice shlifovannyj, cabbage.   and here hardly the prices for a potato, egg chicken, hens - broilers were reduced.