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On a main square of Samara the gang of minor pilferers

on the area of a name of Kuibyshev in Samara the man bossed One of these days has detained the pilferer who in the company of the contemporaries has selected a cellular telephone at his son. The man has defined the juvenile predator where follows. It has appeared, such attacks it and its friends who were   besides odnoklasnikami,   made repeatedly, and the gang always equally operated: boys knocked a victim down, and then took away the pleasant thing. Recently four victims were converted into militia with similar complaints.

17 - summer teenagers came by an electric train from Tchapaevsk and went on a main square of Samara where it is always populous. Having taken unawares the next passer-by, they plundered it, and then very quietly came back back home. Teenagers sold mobile phones, players and other things to the contemporaries, thus correcting the financial position and winning cheap popularity. They have reflected on consequences of the acts only now, it having appeared in militia, informs a press - service oblguvd.