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In the Voronezh region the grandson has killed the grandfather from - for extinct matches

the Public prosecutor of Kalacheevsky area has confirmed the bill of particulars on criminal case concerning 22 - the summer guy. Him accuse under two articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation Deliberate causing of average weight of harm to health and Murder - has informed   Michael of MOUSTACHES, the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Voronezh region on interaction with mass-media and the public.

In September of last year the young man sat at home in village Pirogovo together with 68 - the summer grandfather. That has asked a cigarette for the grandson. The guy two times brought a match, and both times it has gone out. In the answer the grandfather has strong imposed the grandson on the mother .  

the Grandson has grown furious, has rushed on the grandfather, has beaten it, and has then strangled. Having seen that the elderly person is dead, the grandson has put killed on a bed, has covered a blanket and left the house.

three days prior to murder the grandson already beat the grandfather. Then they have quarrelled after together drank.

After the statement of the bill of particulars the public prosecutor criminal case have directed to court.

to In total accused threatens till 15 years of prison.