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Novosibirsk OMON FIGHTERS have come on a visit to schoolboys

the Action of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Week of courage started on the threshold of Day of the Defender of Fatherland. In its frameworks OMON FIGHTERS also have visited four rural schools of Kolyvansky area.
- the history of militian special troops, an exposition of the weapon which are adopted group, and receptions of hand-to-hand fight have interested not only strong, but also a perfect half of studying youth, - have told in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on NSO. - And, naturally, speech should come about danger which is concealed by the armed person, and also its killing inventions. Children become victims of interest to everything that blows up more often and burns. Dangerous finds - mines, pomegranates and even aerial bombs for some reasons have ceased to be a rarity. The exposition of the neutralised explosive subjects in Novosibirsk OMON totals seven tens ammunition and the explosives which have been found out at various times in streets of Novosibirsk. As much again every year sappers and vzryvotehniki destroy on a place.

In a word, people in a black uniform it is intelligible, and the main thing - have visually explained, what price, at times, it is necessary to pay for carelessness and a carelessness.

- the Modern world is full of dangers, - militiamen speak. - things can conceal threat absolutely harmless at first sight. It is favourite tactics of terrorists which it is indifferent, whose lives they take away. It is the most terrible, when it is lives of children. On an example the ownerless diplomat sappers have shown - to what boyish interest leads to finds. On a case place there can be a soft toy, the handle or a parcel.

it is natural while schoolboys conceive similar employment as show. But, all - taki which - what skills in a head at children are postponed and at the moment of danger they will know how to behave correctly. After all about it it when - that have told, and - militiamen in a black uniform have shown the main thing.    

  - At this age children start to invent and collect explosive subjects - pugachi, bombochki and so on, - Yury tells NIGHTINGALES, the teacher of bases of health and safety of school of village Novotyryshkino. - Some parents, unfortunately, allow to them to try to do some shooting from the hunting guns. Results - are pitiable. Operating officers of OMON could show how much serious there can be consequences of such games how to behave in order to avoid tragedies. The school program, of course, provides employment on antiterrorist security, but quite another matter - when they are spent by the first class experts with huge vital and fighting experience. In Kolyvansky area already five rural schools have held similar meetings. Also I can notice that they give much bigger effect not only for schoolboys, but also for parents, for teachers.