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The winemaking will rescue the Moldavian economy?

- this year wine manufacture in Moldova will reach 17 million decalitres, - has told at a forum Winemaking of Moldova and potential vinodelcheskih the enterprises in Moscow the vice-president Trading - industrial chamber Vladimir Didilike.

As he said, last year the republic has made 14,7 million has given wines 95 % from which are put abroad.

- Russia became again the leader on consumption of Moldavian production. However it is not comparable yet with 2005 when y we delivered Russia of wines on $320 million, - has told Didilike.

As he said, wineries do not hope for restoration former obemoveksporta to Russia, nevertheless aspire to increase a share vrossijskom import which makes now 11 %.

He has noticed that in 2009 the Moldavian vinedressers and wine makers namerenysobrat 500 thousand t grapes and to make 17 million decalitres of wine in bottles, 750 thousand has given sparkling wines and 1 million decalitres divinov (cognacs).