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Veterans a chest protect Chelyabinsk the Tractor

One of these days in electronic mass-media discussion has inflamed: fans against veterans the Tractor .

there Have begun fans. They have written the letter of which accuse a management the Tractor in failure, in their opinion, last season. A pier, play badly, to forthcoming games are not ready. And veterans the Tractor (among them, for example, known hockey player Vladimir Karavdin in the past) have published the the answer to the Turkish sultan :

the Burst financial crisis has painfullly struck not only on hockey, but also on all sports. We, veterans of the Chelyabinsk hockey, not less others are disturbed by a difficult situation in which there is a favorite team. A leah there were lacks? Certainly, were! But after all hockey is a game, enormous pressure of force, mind, creativity and certainly, self-sacrifices! In each game someone loses, and someone should win!.

We consider that the last season hockey the Tractor has spent adequately. Hockey players have pleased the admirers with interesting and substantial games

How to name the geeks who have thrown a smoke candle in Ufa, during game the Tractor with local Salavat Yulaev ?! And who has incurred responsibility for provocative vykrikivanija to players of the team the Dynamo from Riga? A leah these a grief - fans and try to put today from - for a corner blow on a favorite team?

Fans have responded: Following the results of incident in Ufa there was a consequence, is found guilty, and it is for certain known that it to fans the Tractor no any relation has. As and with Latvians - following the results of that incident no official statements or charges existing, the hockey club " has been fined;.

on July, 23rd the command leaves holiday, and it will be clear, who remained in the command and what new players there will appear. For today two players officially declared the leaving from club. Alexey Zavaruhin will play for Moscow Spartak and Oleg Kvasha - for situated near Moscow Atlant . Anyway, to club are necessary stars on which the spectator will go. And a management the Tractor it understands.

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