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Summer in a city: some love pogorjachee!

we are loaded by energy!

Natalia GRIDASOVA, psihoendokrinolog:

- We groan from a heat, but represent, what would be, do not receive we a necessary dose of an ultraviolet?! After all if on a skin sunlight enough does not get:

the organism ceases to develop the vital vitamin D;

it is broken fosforno - kalievyj an exchange conducting to infringements in bone system;

immunity worsens;

mental faculties, especially ability to conceive the new information decrease;

the risk prostudnyh and infectious diseases raises.

And there are people whom without the sun it becomes simply physically bad. Cloudy days they feel stifled, languid, are tired without the reason, dystonia attacks are played. As a rule, it is energetic persons, choleric persons with a fast metabolism. The matter is that the ultraviolet stimulates development by a brain a happiness hormone serotonina. And such here to solar natures are required big portions serotonina for their activity, than, say, for phlegmatic persons or melancholiacs.

Be closer to water

Fountains - nevertheless for ekstremalov. But the more you will overturn waters on yourselves for a day, the easier for you.

the Shower - how much will get.

Fine freshen cool baths with sea salt and essence (tone up butters of a bergamot, grapefruit, a balm).

try to hold hands under flowing water More often and to rinse the person.

Advice from physiologist Boris ZHERLYGINA:

- the Cocktail for vivacity: in broth from fresh mint it is added on a glass a teaspoon of lemon juice and we submit with ice. In meal - an emphasis on fish, fruit, vegetables. Sheet salads - latuk, rukkola, an iceberg, Chinese, kress, mangold are easily acquired and tone up. To eat dishes from them it is necessary at once, in the refrigerator they quickly are oxidised and lose useful properties.

How correctly to sleep?

Comfortable for a dream the temperature of air from 20 to 25 degrees is considered. So if houses are the conditioner, regulate it in these limits.

If is not present, directly before going to bed arrange minutes on 20 draught. But when will lay down in bed, leave opened only one window.

That at night to an organism was more cool, do not eat before going to bed anything serious especially meat (digestion of heavy food calls rise in temperature of a body and strengthens potootdelenie). Better an easy supper: a kefir glass, an apple or green tea and vegetable salatik. Products with knitting taste (a currant, a gooseberry, bananas) and all garden greens help to adapt for a heat.

That it is better to drink in a heat?

In dry hot weather it is necessary for an organism not less than 2,5 - 3 litres a day, - Boris Zherlygin speaks. - But not sweet aerated water (sweet strengthens thirst), and the added some salt or acidified liquid. For example, berry juices, juice (except garnet and from dark grapes - they condense blood), table mineral waters. And here with medical mineral waters do not overdo - their too sated structure can break elektrolitnyj an exchange and increase loading by heart.

Beer we drink only light - not more strong 3,5 - 4 degrees. On heat vsasyvanie alcohol in blood amplifies, that is the person faster and more strongly, than in cool weather gets drunk.

- We not discipline huliganim and from heat we escape!

Why hands and feet swell?

Hypostases from a heat, most likely, sosudisto - a lymphatic origin, - the cardiologist tells Love BAGIJAN. - At high temperature of air the liquid is worse deduced from an organism. At women this status is aggravated in the second phase of a cycle - from - for hormonal changes. And at   suffering affliction varikozom   on weather problems it is imposed also venous insufficiency.

to Struggle with it it is simple enough. In the evening and if there is a possibility, after a dinner lie down minutes 20 with the feet raised on the platen, in the morning and for the night arrange a contrast shower. Well remove puffiness of calves gels: detraleks, venoruton, troksevazin, lioton. If feet towards the end of day are ill   and strongly are tired, buy in a drugstore special kompressionnye golfs - they well support muscles and a venous tone.

Diuretic medicines better independently not to accept: all of them reduce pressure that in such heat it is rather dangerous - if it fails, can faint simply in the street. Softly to deduce hypostases tea with cowberry sheet (but no more than two glasses in day) will help.

Remove brjuliki (if they at you are)!

And still in a heat even at healthy people in blood the quantity of oxygen decreases, it becomes more dense and viscous. From here a short wind, weakness and   fatigue. Not all carries at this time   otmokat in the sea or   pool...

For what destiny these hot days to stamp in dusty office, advice from Tamara`s OGIEVOJ cardiologist:

- to Result vessels in a tone it is possible so: to accept 1 tablet but - shpy, 1 tablet glitsina and 20 drops of valocordin on a water half-glass.

But - shpa removes a spasm and expands vessels, glitsin   stimulates work of cages of a brain, valocordin (korvalol, valoserdin)   calm on a broader scale and weaken intense vessels and muscles. One caution: but - shpa reduces pressure, that who suffers affliction from its sharp jumps, to use the recipe under control the HELL.

And popular wisdom (from which cardiologists quite agree) advises during is non-standard hot period to remove from itself all girdled ornaments - chains, rings, bracelets. It will release a blood current on small vessels that will improve blood circulation as a whole.


If you have overheated

What to do in that case, the cardiologist Tamara OGIEVA advises:

Urgently crawl away in a shade.   wipe a skin a towel moistened in cool water, on a head - a cold compress.

Drink   cool water.   it is good, if near at hand there will be a valerian (mint, pustyrnik) - a thaw 20 on a water half-glass.

When it becomes better, take a cool shower.

Try, even if felt well, it is more in this day not to leave anywhere. It is better to rest in bed.

If symptoms have not disappeared, and the temperature, on the contrary, has risen, the short wind accrues and front sights in eyes flash - call Fast !

In solar weather... Is easier to get the child

it is for certain known that in the conditions of a big city heat operates excitingly, - speaks to. M. n., the professor - sexologist Alexander poleev. - That it is no wonder. Girls and women actually undress, and from - for crowds constant contacts with seminude bodies operate on men absolutely unequivocally.

And in the married couples which have lived long time together, judging by the western researches, sexual activity in a heat increases on 12 - 13 percent! Having seen enough for all the day at office of the semiundressed women, the man comes to an alert and renews sexual life with the wife even if before the break was some months.

And in a heat the quantity of conflicts between men decreases! And all for the same reason: simply aggression leaves in other channel.

Fresh air: make!

In hot and windless days city air stands, and all of us we become hostages of a constant gipoksii (oxygen starvation of fabrics). From here weakness, dizzinesses and headaches. But to extract more than fresh air nevertheless it is possible.

Whenever possible, especially if live near to brisk highways, establish the ionizer. And on a workplace get the indoor plants allocating a considerable quantity of oxygen.   for example, a ficus, aukuba, a dieffenbachia, kaladium, a monstera, a chlorophytum. The big plants and ecology will correct,   and a cool will create any.

By itself, at the height of day   - the sun the most malicious, and in air of full dust. Therefore walks till 10 mornings or after 8 evenings - an optimum variant.

to Kids - more often a shower...

In a heat kids about one year can have troubles in a kind oprelostej. As with them to struggle, prompts d. M. n., the merited doctor of the Russian Federation, the professor Galina SMIRNOVA:

- If all of you do correctly, that is in due time clear a skin of the baby, and oprelosti are saved, try to replace type of pampers. After all the allergy can arise even on a material which is used by various manufacturers in diapers. Besides, kids with a hypersensitive skin can react and to a cream which you use. Additives in a kind otdushek, extracts of grasses - an aloe, camomiles - also can influence occurrence contact dermatita.

Try to use infrequently damp napkins, after all into them too enter various otdushki. Better - a scarf moistened with usual water. In hot weather of the child it is possible time 3 - 4 in day simply to water lukewarm vodichkoj from a shower. And on a broader scale summer - that period when it is possible to leave safely the kid with a naked bottom. Fresh air - the best means from oprelostej.

... And there are more than berry juices

- In hot stuffy weather of the child not especially want to eat, - pediatrist Evgenie TIMAKOV speaks. - Try to replace meal with water. In such weather water necessarily is required to kids. Even monthly remains need 100 ml of water a day, seniors - have more. When it is hot, perepoit the child it is impossible. Berry juices - cranberry, currant well help. More accurately with the juice even clarified by nurseries: from - for sugar they can strengthen thirst only. Limit them to 200 ml a day.

to Walk all - taki it is obligatory, after all it is literally hour on the sun fills in an organism a daily stock of vitamin D.   but in nowise it is impossible to do it on direct sun rays - only in a shade or a penumbra. Try, that the carriage was well aired - in stuffy space the kid can earn a sunstroke. For this purpose it is enough only 15 - 20 minutes to stay right in the sun. Already now there are calls to such kids - they are capricious, quickly get tired, some even tears. In such cases give febrifugal (for example, paracetamol) and antigistaminnye preparations (suprastin or fenistil).

it is important!

From 12 o`clock till 16 o`clock with the child it is better not to walk - at this time the most furious sun rays, will not rescue neither the Panamanian, nor a sun-protection cream.

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