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Children who have glorified the North Caucasus

the Stavropol schoolgirl has subdued Moscow

Anja Bajdavletova was born and has grown in Stavropol. Has ended 4 - ju music school, has entered regional school of arts.

Once on the TV   it   has seen the teleshow announcement STS lights the superstar - 2 .   Has rung round friends, has collected the command. Children have gone to submit Moscow. And it must be said, it was possible to them. Following the results of spectator SMS - votings   Stavropol fate - the command   Nine Lives (in transfer with English - nine lives. - a bus) Has occupied 2 - e a place. Besides, Anju recognised as the most beautiful girl of the project.   and in December 2008 - go her have invited as the soloist in popular group Ranetki .

By the way to become the participant of collective, Ane was necessary to master for 20 days game on drums. Rehearsed days and has filled huge callosities on fingers.

- me admirers of Lery, - with grief   did not want to accept Long time; the girl speaks. - on sites, forums many write that I cannot replace it. Clear business, to its fans is heavy to accept me, but I will make everything that at me it has turned out.

Ani had friendly relations with other participants of group and there was a set of the admirers.

the Star children`s Eurovisions lives in Nevinnomyssk

to Act Eugene Netsvetov has begun in 1997. Then he was 4 years old, and he has stepped on the stage for the first time. After its vocal talent has begun to sparkle sides in studio 7 notes that in the Palace of chemists.  

to Act Eugene Netsvetov has begun in 1997.

- In 2006 I acted at competition Light the star which passed in Moscow, - Eugene remembers. - there has received the diploma of V degree. After competition to me has approached the editor of musical programs of TV channel Russia Cyrus Chen also has suggested to try the forces in selection tour children`s Eurovisions .

the Charming little boy with a strong voice very much was pleasant both to spectators, and jury. As a result - 5 - e a place among 36 participants children`s Eurovisions - 2006 .

right after the ending Eugene had many admirers, which and now   write to it on a site, ask the autograph and   make a declaration of love.

By the way, in the same 2006 - m 13 - summer Eugene Netsvetov has won Gran - at open festival - competition a south Voice became the winner of the international competition of executors of a variety song Meetings on Volga in Samara and the diplomat of III degree of the All-Russia variety competition of young executors.

In 7 years Timur Zangiev conducted an orchestra

In 7 years Timur Zangiev conducted an orchestra.

that in the North Ossetia there lives talented young conductor Timur Zangiev, the republic has learnt, when the seven-year little boy took a conductor`s baton in hands and left on a school scene. Since then the whole world in admiration watches, how Timur is masterful feels an orchestra, operates, directs, recreates the most powerful on emotional heat of product of known composers. To it now 15 years, and it already conducted almost all orchestras of the world - the Big symphonic, State chamber orchestra Virtuosos of Moscow a Maryinsky Theater orchestra, met Rostropovich.

- Timur studies in Moscow in school at conservatory, - the teacher of Vladikavkaz school of arts of V.Gergiev, a member of the Union of composers of Russia and the honoured worker of arts of Tamerlan Hosroev has told about the pupil. - Not in all conservatories young conductors study! There usually arrive after higher education - Timur is really unique.

It is said that after Beslan tragedy Timur felt sorry, what not the soldier. And then, having thought, admitted: Music - not less strong weapon in fight for peace. If people have a heart at sounds of a violin hatred in it dies . Probably, therefore, - a violin of master Dzhebrano Jacob of school of the Stradivari - Timur considers till now a unique gift of the government of Italy as the best gift.

-   the Most difficult in work with an orchestra - probably to force to play product how I hear it, - the young maestro considers. - to tell the truth, I do not remember, how the first time took a conductor`s baton in hands. I remember only that there was it casually.

the Juvenile athlete has got to the Guinness Book of Records

the Juvenile athlete.

Dzhambulat Hatohov from the city of Terek that in Kabardino - Balkarii, in three years weighed 44 kgs and lifted two pudovye weights. It recognised as the greatest child of a planet and have brought in the Guinness Book of Records. In six years the boy weighed already 100 kg. The glory about the juvenile Caucasian athlete has reached the rising sun Country. The boy began to call to Japan to be engaged sumo, designated to it magnificent sports career, but native have not dared to release the child so far from the house. Now Dzhambiku of 11 years, it goes to school, goes in for sports, willingly communicates with contemporaries. All who knows the boy, say that it not only very strong, but also very kind.