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How to be, if the child was ill on a foreign resort?

With the insurance the kid will be protected, even if will go to have a rest without parents.

I Am going to go in July with the kid to Turkey, but already now I start to worry from - for it, - familiar mum of the four-year boy shares experiences. - last year at the neigbour the child just during rest has poisoned, ran -   Did not know to whom to be converted, money all only demanded.   It was necessary even transfer from the house to request .

Alarms of parents are quite clear: the unfamiliar food, the climate change, the raised traumatism And after all so would be desirable to spend holiday easy.

- to avoid similar situations, it is necessary to buy the policy of voluntary medical insurance upon accidents and illnesses for the period of a trip abroad, - the chief of department assistansa advises managements of medical insurance Belgosstraha Tatyana Bogdan. - If something has occurred, you will need to contact at once the company by phone in Minsk (+375 (17) 252 48 90 - round the clock) or to call by phones of the foreign service companies, with which Belgosstrah co-operates (CORIS, SOS International, BALVA), they are specified on an insurance policy cover. In this case to you visit of the doctor will be organised or the first help is called, and at necessity and hospitalisation in hospital on a disease profile. Belgosstrah will pay not only the rendered first help, but also telephone negotiations on messages on insured event, to the coordination of expenses and the organisation of necessary medical aid.

It is necessary to notice that only in Belgosstrahe the round-the-clock coordination centre (assistans), completed with highly skilled doctors works. Therefore at telephone conversation to you can already give competent advice on treatment, will organise rendering assistance. Advantages of this message directly in Belgosstrah also that you should not face a language barrier which is quite possible at calls to the foreign service companies as Russian-speaking employees work there to 20. 00, and then it is necessary to speak on - anglijski.

- And if mum in a stressful situation has not called in the insurance company (has forgotten, has not phoned). How to be in this case?

- Then medical expenses will need to be paid independently, but at the first possibility it is necessary to inform on it in Belgosstrah, i.e. To co-ordinate the expenses with the insurer as by rules without the coordination expenses no more than 500 euros (at a twinge of toothache - 100 euros) are subject to compensation.

such insurance and in the event that your child goes on excursion or to any group trip to a recreation camp, on the sea will be actual.

- Even if your child has gone on rest one, the insurance company if necessary will compensate your expenses for a trip to the kid, in case of its hospitalisation and necessity of support to Byelorussia, specify in Belgosstrahe.


On the average the medical insurance policy for leaving abroad manages in 65 cents for days. But, certainly, the payment will depend on what purpose of a trip, how old are you, where exactly you are going to go (for example, insurance policy cost in the USA increases twice), by what time.

- By our rules the insurance for the child is elderly till 16 years costs half from the insurance policy of the adult, - remind in the company. - if you have gathered on two weeks to Crimea the insurance with a covering in 10 thousand dollars will cost 4 dollars for mum or the father, and for the child - only two dollars. By the way,   if with you two children for the second child (till 12 years) rendering of the first help and at all will be free go.

- Now a lot of youth goes in various labour camp abroad. They will accept such insurance?

- Yes, certainly. By the way, for students we too have discounts - 10 % from the price of the usual insurance policy. At insurance of groups depending on quantity of the insured persons lowering factors - from 10 to 20 persons - 0,9, from above 20 persons - 0,8 also are applied. For constant insurers at a presentation of the previous contract of insurance the discount at a rate of 20 % is given.



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