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The officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is denounced for dead souls

the Sentence of the Sovereign Court of Mordovia has pronounced a sentence to investigator OVD on Kochkurovsky area of republic. Lieutenant Ivan Maltsev has received one and a half year conditionally that on a workplace struggled with bureaucracy at investigation of criminal cases.
in December 2008 - go in Maltsev`s manufacture business about theft has arrived. Under the law it is necessary to call in regional department of witnesses, to interrogate them and to make corresponding reports. On all it is necessary time, and considerable. After all according to criminal case materials, as witnesses ten persons appeared in it. All of them have given evidences. At least, with signatures of witnesses Ivan Maltsev has attached reports of interrogations to business materials. Quite probably that in such kind business also would pass in court, do not appear suddenly in regional department public prosecutor`s check.
- It has been established that Maltsev itself has made all reports of interrogation of witnesses, - the public prosecutor of Kochkurovsky area of Mordovia tells Marat Mangutov. - And itself on behalf of witnesses has undersigned for documents.
under the similar scheme Ivan Maltsev has spent also investigatory experiment. According to the law, on it there should be understood. However, as it was found out later, their role with success was executed by the investigator. In the report Maltsev has brought the data of people which and on light - that never were born.
still the little knew later that such method of investigation of criminal cases has been put by Maltsev on a stream. For example, in one of affairs about theft the investigator has forged six reports. Examination has established that signatures of witnesses have been made by Ivan Maltsev`s hand. In parallel the militiaman has had time to forge the decision about a recognition of the victim and the report of its interrogation.
On materials of public prosecutor`s check against Ivan Maltsev criminal case on 203 - j to article of the criminal code of Russian Federation " has been brought; Falsification of proofs on criminal cases by the person making inquiry . Practically at once it has been dismissed from bodies. Return on service to militia Maltsev can only in one and a half year. For this term, on a court sentence, it is deprived the right to occupy the state posts in law enforcement bodies.