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Together against unemployment!

for today in Sudogodsky area one of the highest indicators of a rate of unemployment - 5,7 percent (on the account in the employment Center there are 1438 persons). More than the official unemployed only in Kameshkovsky (8,2 percent) and Selivanovsky (6,8 percent) areas. For comparison, on the average on area the rate of unemployment makes 3,2 percent.

Employees GU the Center of employment of the population of the city of Sudogda try to make everything to improve the unpleasant statistics. In - the first, the employment Center participates in the regional Program of the additional actions directed on decrease of intensity on a labour market.

the Director of the Center of employment Elena Aleksandrovna Pavljuchkova.

- For the organisation of public works, time employment to Sudogodsky area it is allocated 8,4 million roubles for participation in the program of 509 persons, - Elena Aleksandrovna Pavljuchkova has told the director of the Center of employment. - Work is already conducted. In particular, now 10 contracts with the enterprises of Sudogodsky area are concluded. In public and temporary jobs 382 persons take part.

partially to defuse tensions on a labour market to jobless citizens possibility this year receptions of a grant for opening of own business is given. For this purpose it is necessary for future businessman to pass test, to give business - the plan of the organisation of enterprise activity, to register own business. Grants will be received by ten persons. The size of a grant is defined by the sum of the annual size of the unemployment benefit.

Certainly, the employment Center on - former is engaged in employment of adult able-bodied population, and also schoolboys for the period of summer vacations. According to plan of 130 children should have an opportunity to earn additionally in the summer on a territory accomplishment, repair of buildings of schools and school furniture, and also monuments fallen in the Great Patriotic War.

- Information collection about the vacancies which have arisen at the enterprises of our area and granting of this information to citizens, searching for work, is, perhaps, most important direction of our work, - Elena Aleksandrovna has explained. - In an information hall of the centre of employment by means of an information booth and information stands our visitors independently also can daily trace their interesting vacancies.

Of the employment Center are assured that gradually the situation in economy is stabilised also quantity of the idle population will decrease, and can be, even will reach figures, sootnosimoj with the best indicator of last years - October, 2008 when the rate of unemployment made only 2,6 percent.