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Legionaries Zenith have wished Petersburg happy birthday

Each of legionaries has written down congratulations in a native language. Shootings passed with each football player separately, in sign   for Petersburg places. So   Tomash Gubochan posed opposite the Copper horseman Sabolch Husti has taken pleasure in open space Marsovogo of a field, Fernando Mejra   inhaled fresh air on Quay   Neva, it was illuminated opposite to Church of the Savior on Blood of Fernando Riksen.

But the most remembered congratulation has turned out at the captain. A shred have started up in St. Isaac`s Cathedral in the day off. Specially for Timoshchuka have opened the uppermost platform and a cellar   a museum.

Congratulations   the legionary Zenith   show in   Sunday in   transfer frameworks the City 1 on the channel REN - TV - Petersburg   in 22. 30 Moscow time.   This Sunday will just congratulate a city Anatoly Timoshchuk. A situation juicy that the congratulation will turn out some kind of and farewell of the captain to Northern capital and its fans. On Saturday there will pass last house game to a break in the championship. And it is already known on 100 % that in a break of tournament of Timoshchuk will officially pass from Zenith in Munich Bavaria .

Husti against a temple Church of the Savior on Blood.   click and look more photo.  
a photo: Valentine FLEAS

Gubochan and the Copper horseman Click and look more photo.  
a photo: Valentine FLEAS

with Mejra against a mosque at metro station Gorki Click and look more photo.  
a photo: Valentine of FLEAS