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Publisher Gennady Sapronov: « Victor Astafev has blest us during lifetime on this book »

Presentation of the book of Victor Astafeva There is no to me an answer... An epistolary diary 1952 - 2001 has passed yesterday in Irkutsk.

as the Composer and the publisher Gennady Sapronov has acted.

On presentation also there was writer Valentine Rasputin. Both personally knew Victor Petrovicha.

- Still during lifetime he has blest us on this edition, - Gennady Sapronov has told. - We worked 8 years. And it must be said that till last moment the book did not have a name. It has appeared only in March of this year when with might and main there was an imposition. Victor Astafev in the axiomatic lines - " has prompted the name; So I search? Why I suffer? Why? What for? There is no to me an answer .

the Book represents an epistolary diary of the writer which is made of 5 hundred the letters daily sent in different corners of the country. In the edition it is underlined about 300 addressees. In these letters sincerely and frankly Victor Astafev tells about itself, about relatives, about the creative searches and life as a whole.

For us, Siberians, Astafev - the great Russian writer, which life so it is closely bound with century history of the Russian people. In it there was also a heavy childhood mutilated with war, both post-war poverty, and ruin, both hunger. And, perhaps, most tormenting - censorship which killed the best lines.

It never conducted diaries because since the childhood possessed unique memory which allowed it to remember not easier events, and the colours connected with them, smells, shades, impressions. At itself(himself) it had small bloknotik where put any krjuchochki, and deciphering them in some years, extracted strange stories.
Victor Petrovich thought much of letters. Certainly, he could not respond to all successively, but never disregarded that with any image his soul strings touched.

- His letters it is not simple iskrenni, - publisher Sapronov speaks in a forward to the book, - they are confessionary. Before us as in the face of the great writer and the powerful, direct and free person grows. In the last years of life every morning it sat down a desktop not only to have time to add conceived, but also fairly to earn the bread, to feed a family, to lift grandsons - orphans.

Artist Sergey Elojan too worked over the book of Astafeva. And as he said, it was very delicate work which overall objective was so to reflect the author that its image as though was reflected through lines.