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New horror story on TV: a leah the Earth without people will return primitive shape for some weeks

There is a life after us, documentation officers of American studio A & have asked a question; E   Television networks. Also have puzzled with it scientists - biologists, ecologists, engineers. And that will be with the Earth if the mankind disappears in a flash. We, by the way, in detail wrote about consequences of similar hypothetical event (see If from the Earth all people " suddenly disappear; from 21. 10. 2006) Being based on forecasts of scientists. They also have imagined,   that, actually, will occur to houses, monuments, parks and even our house pupils. Nowadays   documentation officers have embodied   these forecasts in the form of impressing computer graphics.

it is possible to argue On terms but if to believe a film,   in total through a pair of clocks after disappearance of people the world will start to plunge into darkness as power stations to themselves will not throw up fuel.

Through two days undergrounds of big cities will turn to the underground rivers: there is nobody to include pumps for pumping out of ground waters.

Through ten days the mass case of cats and dogs will begin. If they, of course, do not learn to open banks with a forage.

In some weeks the earth from space will look the same as looked millions years ago before the person has tamed fire.

In a year paved streets and the asphalted parking places will turn to green lawns, and walls of houses will entangle climbers. By the way, houses will start to be scattered in ashes of years through forty...

is very interesting though also not indisputable research, - the member of the Russian academy of natural sciences the Lion Nikolaev which has made the preface to a picture has responded about a film.

Life without us   Saturday, the evening, the First channel.