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The chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev: the Second wave of crisis and rouble devaluation will not be

Some economists persistently predicted it and even on - former speak about crisis of non-payments and fast falling of rouble. However the Central Bank responding both for banks, and for a rate of national currency, has given yesterday unambiguous comments in this respect.

- I do not see sharp influences which can strike blow, - the first vice-president of the Central Bank Gennady Melikjan has declared, acting at a bank forum which passes in St.-Petersburg.

According to Melikjana, bankers still reduce volumes of crediting of economy, but thereby they cut a bough on which sit. If banks do not start to give credits, at them it will not be simple profits to pay percent to investors.

However, there is a hope that crediting all - taki will be restored. The chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev at the same forum has told that inflation in Russia is slowed down, so, interest rates under credits will decrease also. By the way, in June of the Central Bank can already lower the refinancing rate still. Then it closely will come nearer to pre-crisis level in 10 - 11,5 %.

- there will be no second or third wave, - economist Andrey Tcherepanov, the project head of national development speaks, - the wave is possible only when affairs go on the amendment and here suddenly again there is a failure in economy. But we - that now on - former are in a crisis status, anybody does not say that it has ended. After all, under the forecast of the same Central Bank, some hundreds small banks so, crisis all - taki goes will till the end of the year be closed.

Till the end of the year, besides reduction of number of banks, Sergey Ignatyev has promised stability of a rouble exchange rate. New devaluation as well as the second wave of crisis, according to the head of the Central Bank, will not be.

- I am almost assured that to the end of 2009 the rouble will not exceed the border established still in January, - Ignatyev has declared. - thus the Central Bank will pass to floating (as a matter of fact, free. - Red.) To exchange rate.

It means that bank will not be artificial to support a course, and will watch only that the rouble has not passed borders of the established corridor.

- it seems To me that solid fluctuations can be, - Tcherepanov is afraid, - it is difficult to understand logic of the Central Bank and correctly to conceive their promises. They, by the way, have such reserves which will allow to head rouble at one level even at the zero price for oil.

By the way, gold and exchange currency reserves at us again grow - in May they have exceeded $400 billion. Not to allow to rouble to become stronger too quickly, the Central Bank since February only and did that bought up currency.


In a number of territories there are serious enough splashes in the prices for medicines. It is connected not only that there was a rouble reduction in price, but also that high levels of trading extra charges on medicines are established... Roszdravnadzor will register a marginal level of the prices. We now study the form on which they will give the information on with customs service at what price the medical product to Russia is delivered then to correlate the registered price and that on which realisation is carried out. On medicines each region establishes trading extra charges independently, and this situation will be already watched by Federal Agency of tariffs .

(Tatyana GOLIKOVA, the Minister of Health and sotsrazvitija, - on air of TV channel to Conduct about measures on reduction of prices on medicines.)