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New academic year MGEI will begin with house warming

on First of September the future and present students of the Nizhniy Novgorod branch Moscow gumanitarno - economic institute will meet in new walls. The old dream about fine equipped, spacious and, the main thing, own building has come true. And new academic year in NF MGEI will begin with house warming: students and teachers will render habitable the educational case on the Sormovsky turn, which area four times more rented now institute.

the Branch is a high school in a miniature

the Small accurate two-storeyed small house which has hidden in the heart of street Rubo that in Kanavinsky area, today already hardly contains all wishing to receive the higher economic or arts education in branch of known Moscow high school. And though the sizes of the educational case not absolutely high school, it at all does not disturb to worthy educational process.

Nevertheless the basic criteria by search of new own building of a steel both its big areas, and a site. It is a lot of ideas: a gym, a conference - a hall, convenient audiences, a beautiful spacious hall. Such surroundings gives to relevancy high school, all - taki and the external cover should correspond to the internal maintenance. It is necessary to consider that to the new case it will be easy to reach as ground transport, and by the underground the item “ Kanavinsky “.

To the new case it will be easier to reach transport any kinds

- the License requirements shown by the Ministry of Education to branches, have considerably become tougher, - the director of NF MGEI Alexander SHTEFAN marks. - the Modern branch of any institute is a high school in a miniature. It can be slightly less on the area, but should be absolutely identical under the maintenance and the organisation of educational process, level of scientific, educational work. And acquisition of own material resources always was for us a priority problem as from 12 branches of institute we unique rented till now a premise.

the director of NF MGEI Alexander Shtefan: “ We are proud of our students. “

to Inhabitants of the modest house in the street Rubo, maybe, also is a little a pity to leave the rendered habitable walls of educational institution, on - to the present which house conditions have grown not one “ a shark “ modern business, but all understand necessity of the further development of establishment.

the High rating of graduates

Here not only keep up to date, here it in many respects advance, creating essentially new forms of stimulation of educational process. For example, in NF MGEI there is a system of a rating estimation of activity of the students, considering not only indicators in study, but also in scientific and public work, achievements in sports, self-discipline.

results of this rating are taken out every month in open access on an institute site where see them can not only students, but also their parents. High rating indicators can become pledge “ the automatic machine “ offset or examination at session. So stimulus it is good to study at students essential which all importance they realise when already leave on a labour market. Employers appreciate professionalism of graduates of NF MGEI the majority from which begin the labour activity already on 4 - m - 5 - m courses. With employment students of high school do not test problems, quality of their education speaks for itself. The graduates at institute support and also take for work even during study. Some even have made quite good career. For example, the present dean of faculty of economy and management, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the senior lecturer Larissa Zaikin when - that was the student of NF MGEI, then began to work as the methodist, the assistant to the dean, and after some years, having defended the scientific dissertation, “ has grown “ to a supervising post.

on a maximum, using the newest computer technologies, both students, and teachers aspire to uniform purpose - to correspond to constantly changing realities and successfully to compete in the world of business, professionals for which NF MGEI and lets out. These walls leave highly skilled economists, financiers, lawyers, psychologists, experts in the tourism, claimed by the enterprises of almost any branches.

- Historically, within 13 years of the existence, we settle down in territory of Kanavinsky area, therefore bolshee the quantity of graduates works on gradoobrazujushchih the enterprises zarechnoj city parts, - Alexander SHTEFAN speaks. - At us long-term contracts on preparation of experts for Gaza, Sormovsky ship-repair factory, aircraft factory " are concluded; the Falcon “.

However, except study and scientific activity, do not forget in the Nizhniy Novgorod branch MGEI and about the organisation of leisure of students. The branch has own command on mini - to football which with success acts at sports competitions of various level, the vocal studio, studio of variety dance, swimming section work, the newspaper is issued.

- probably, one of problems of the big high school some is poterjannost students in its huge corridors, certain obezlichennost, - Alexander SHTEFAN notices. - At us each student on a kind, and we try to grow up from them independent persons. And that each of them is talented, we do not doubt.

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3309 - Alexander Shtefan (at the left): - We are proud of our students.
547 - to the new case it will be easier to reach transport any kinds
233 - Graduates MGEI - it the highly skilled experts claimed by the enterprises of almost any branches.