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Leonid Yarmolnik: the Choice of a trade of the daughter I respect!

the symposium passed from May, 16 till May, 27th. Among its participants there was a daughter of actor Leonid Yarmolnik - Alexander. The girl has presented on court of public two works the Family and Ga - Ga - Ga . To look at them there has arrived also the father of the girl.
Here chicken on streets go
- During a symposium we rented apartment at local residents, - tells Alexander Yarmolnik. - certainly, life in a province differs from the capital. Entertained itself viewing of serials on the computer, and wrote the thesis in the evening. Was on manufacture in the afternoon, observed of work of masters - glass blowers.
- what here beauty! Look, even chicken on streets go! - Leonid Yarmolnik admired, hardly leaving the car in Nikolske. - Once we with a family were in the Russian remote places under the Eagle where for the first time took with itself of two our doggies. And they of live chicken never in life saw! As a result some local residents of the birds have then missed
the Actor has gone to a glass museum where works of participants of a symposium have already been exposed. In it waited for Alexander which has arranged to the father preview even prior to the beginning of official opening.
is practically our family: I, our mum and Sasha, - laugh Leonid, considering work Alexanders in the form of three goals from glass. - I joke, actually we it is much more nice.
after small digression Leonid with Sashej had dinner in local cafe. On the way there the group of children of Saransk which too have arrived to a museum on excursion has met it. Having seen Yarmolnik, the children have tarried.
- look, same Leonid Yarmolnik! Live! - one have cried.
- yes not it it, is completely not similar! - others have been adjusted extremely pessimistically.
- tell, and it is truth you? - Has taken an interest then someone from children.
- Truth I! - their Leonid has pleased.
and there and then cameras have gone to a course, the turn behind autographs was built.
with Garmashem we know, how the thick glass tumbler " looks;
After a dinner Yarmolnik has gone on an official part of closing of a symposium.
- for me it is especial day, I seldom participate in such actions, - the actor has told. - I the person concerning art, but to such kind as art glass, I all life had only the indirect relation. We with actor Sergey Garmashem know, how the thick glass tumbler looks. And many years on - to the
At Leonid Yarmolnik the wife - the artist understood glass. He too countenances the chosen trade of the daughter.
- the daughter has chosen the course of life, and it is pleasant to me, - the actor speaks. - I concern the child with the big respect. Thanks that it and me has attached to this art form.
the following international symposium have decided to spend in 2011. Leonid Yarmolnik has promised to bring on it the friend Zurab Tsereteli.

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