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The Nobel winner suggests to paint the Earth white colour

Aunt Asya has a rest

the Chinese on a nationality, but the American by origin, the head of National laboratory of Institute of Berkeley the professor of Chu has received the Nobel Prize in 1997 for researches in the field of cooling and catching of atoms with use of laser technologies. Has divided it with Claude Cohen - Tannudzhi and William Filipsom. And on January, 21st, 2009 US president Barack Obama respecting scientists has appointed Chu to fast of the Minister of Energy.
the professor   recently densely took up the problems of global warming, became the leading expert on renewed energy sources. From it waited for radical offers. And here they have appeared: to paint in white colour . And worldwide. Aunt Asya with the powder has a rest
the Daring idea of Chu has sounded on a recent symposium of the Nobel winners. Its essence: The is more light the world, the is more than sunlight it reflects in space. That, hence, the Earth less heats up.
the Professor of Chu for an initiative carries a white shirt

All planet, of course, not to recolour. Yes   Chu, actually, also is not torn - offers will be limited bleaching only man-made objects. Particularly roofs, walls of buildings and roads   - a word, all that ponastroili people.  

ah, a white steamship

the Idea of the professor is based that light coverings reflect to 80 percent of a sunlight. From what badly absorb heat. Means, in opinion, Chu is required essentially to less energy on air-conditioning of buildings.
air-conditioning is not necessary for light road coverings. But from them other use - will simply not heat up, heating environment.
the professor has estimated that at the expense of economy of energy and fuel the white paint will allow to reduce emissions of carbonic gas by its manufacture enormously. And the effect will be such as if the world would refuse automobile movement for 11 years.
by the way, in California have started to recolour roofs in white colour in 2005. Local authorities were convinced by the colleague of Chu on laboratory doctor Rozenfeld who has counted up that, having painted white colour of 100 largest cities of the world, it is possible to reduce emissions of carbonic gas on 44 billion tons. It has impressed.

In California roofs already paint

And we will paint in black colour

Stephen Chu lives in a warm climate. There, where it is a lot of energy, really, spend for cooling of buildings. For hothouse the countries its idea, probably, will approach. It is possible even to develop they be to recommend to all to carry only white clothes, white Panamanians, to go by white cars and white steamships.
at us in Russia, as it is known, a problem - opposite. In the majority of places it is necessary not to be cooled, and to be heated. Perhaps, to us white roofs without need. Perhaps, the black will approach? That more heat absorbed. And what? It would allow to save on heating with the subsequent reduction of emissions of carbonic gas.
and roads, it is fine, let will be white. It is beautiful. Though At us they will quickly get natural - dirty - colour. And money for a paint - on a wind
Is not present, seemingly, we are not ready to progressive innovations.