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The whole month kirovchan I will be to feed another the cinema

Any more the first time passes in a cinema Change festival art - a cinema house. Last time to townspeople have shown novelties from winners and winners of world film festivals - Cannes, the International film festivals in the Dignity - Sebastjane, Rome, Maui, Toronto, London, the International film festival Flanders and others.

Now townspeople will see two films - a melodrama Paris and a drama New York, New York .

Tickets for sessions stand on 120 and 150 roubles.

Paris / Paris (2008)

the Comedy, a drama, a melodrama

Duration: 130 minutes

the Director: Sedrik Klapish

In roles: Zhjulet Binoche, Romen Djuri, Fabris Lukini, Albert Djupontel, Francois Kljuze and others

In a shot:

Dancer Pierre is ill, for work does not go, and looks out of the window. Behind a window - life. The market fairy of parsley ohmurjaet in the face of own husband by turns all sellers, and then breaks on a motorcycle. The elderly professor tempts the student. Beautiful polnovataja the Algerian girl gets a job in a bakery, which mistress - the silly woman and the nationalist. The sister of the protagonist, the official in social security, stops thinking about itself as about the forty-year old woman and finds the lover.

Behind a shot:

In France on this film descended more than one and a half millions persons. The director has set to itself a problem to show a modern city in as much as possible realistic key, but thus has not shown neither a seamy side, nor enmity, violence.

the Schedule of sessions: 10. 00, 14. 20, 18. 40, 23. 00

New York, New York / Synecdoche, New York (2008)

the Comedy, a drama

Duration: 124 minutes

the Director: Charlie Kaufman

In roles: Filip Sejmur Hoffman, Michel Williams, Ketrin Kiner, Jennifer Jayson Li and others

In a shot:

the Theatrical director (Hoffman) tries to put the play, to construct a copy of New York, endures lover`s wounds and suffers affliction from not clear illnesses.

Behind a shot:

the Director`s debut Charlie Kaufmana, a script writer responsible for To be John Malkovich Eternal light of pure reason and other mad stories, almost unique of colleagues on the shop, managed to force people to go on the plots, instead of on directors, their embodying.

the Schedule of sessions: 12. 10, 16. 30, 20. 50