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Vladimiro - the Suzdal memorial estate wants to bring an action against the journalist

Scandal has inflamed from - for the television reporting shown on May, 17th on one of federal channels. In it the Suzdal journalist Yury Belov complained that in Suzdal do not watch a city architecture, and at the same time that Spaso - the Evfimievsky monastery is restored badly.

In Vladimiro - the Suzdal memorial estate already have found corresponding articles in civil and criminal codes (protection of business reputation and slander) and think of, a leah to bring an action against Yury Belova.

- On idea, for slander to punish its rouble it is necessary, - Alisa Aksenova, the director of memorial estate has told. - however my employees from court dissuade me, as each court are big nervous expenses. In general, we still will think of it.
In Chambers consider that all restoration works on a monastery are made perfectly well as works were spent by experts of Open Company Rits in due time restored the Moscow Kremlin and a historical museum.
- Obmazka of walls has been executed manually - as spoke in olden time, under a mitten - Alisa Ivanovna has told. - the Thickness of a layer obmazki reached to 3 mm to protect a laying of walls from a rain and snow. Anything fall off walls now cannot. Well, if only at the earth where snow adjoins to a monastery wall.
by the way, restoration in one more large construction of Vladimir region the Cathedral of the Dormition proceeds. But from - for crisis additional means were necessary. On Wednesday to Moscow on this question there went governor Nikolay Vinogradov. It has met the minister of culture Alexander Avdeev and has achieved to allocation of additional 15 million roubles on cathedral restoration.