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As it is free and without turn to get to the doctor in Vladimir

the Answer idle time - to pass additional prophylactic medical examination. If you work (all the same where - at factory, in establishment or in a private concern) you have the right to be surveyed free of charge at doctors - experts in one of municipal polyclinics of a city of Vladimir.

and such possibility is and at working pensioners. As Vladimir Savinov, the chief of a municipal government of public health services has told, the enterprise or firm administration can agree about prophylactic medical examination with any polyclinic which is nearby, and to conclude the contract. The fund of obligatory medical insurance pays for prophylactic medical examination. 1042 roubles are allocated for each surveyed. Medical institutions are interested in prophylactic medical examination carrying out, after all these means go for the salary of medical workers which spend prophylactic medical examination, and on the expendable materials necessary for inspections.
Prophylactic medical examination spend: the local therapist, the accoucheur - the gynecologist (for women), the urologist (for men), the neurologist, the surgeon, the ophthalmologist and endokrinolog.
Within the limits of prophylactic medical examination are spent: clinical analyses of blood and urine, research of levels of cholesterol and sugar in blood, elektrokardiografija, photoroentgenography, mammografija. For example, special analyses of blood will give the chance to exclude or, to the contrary, to find out early displays of such diseases, as a hypertension, an atherosclerosis, an ischemic heart trouble, a diabetes. Women are more senior forty years should to pass mammografiju. It is more exact, than ultrasonic, a method of diagnostics of various new growths of a mammary gland. Besides, to early diagnostics of cancer tumours at men and women after 45 years are applied specific onkomarkery.
After carrying out of all researches the local therapist draws the conclusion which carries the citizen to one of five groups of health. The above the category, the is more at the person of problems with health. Someone will be recognised by absolutely healthy, to someone, taking into account the revealed pathologies, will appoint treatment, someone will put on dispansernyj the account. Results of prophylactic medical examination are carried to a category of medical secret so neither the heads, nor colleagues about your illness do not learn.
this year prophylactic medical examination in Vladimir should pass 15 thousand persons. But wishing to be surveyed while it is not enough, and in dispansernye hours doctors in polyclinics miss. Perhaps crisis the matter is that - people are afraid to speak about the sores being afraid of dismissal. And can, as in that advertising: And muzhiks - that do not know.! .
if so, Has decided to test on itself all pluses and minuses of free prophylactic medical examination and one of these days with its full complement goes to one of city polyclinics. The reporting - the report read soon in sew to the newspaper.