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Recipes from kirovchan: Noodles with vegetables and seafood

it is necessary: 100 g noodles, 1 small vegetable marrow, on 4 - 5 pieces of shrimps, squids and mussels, 2 zubchika garlic, 5 tomatoes cherri, 50 g dry white wine, parsley, olive oil, salt, starch for panirovki. For a broth: a part of a root of parsley, a pea of black pepper, 1 small bulb, salt.

we PREPARE: 1. The vegetable marrow is cut by thin circles, we pour starch and is fried in butter. 2. In a water small amount we put a bulb, a parsley root, bell pepper and we boil. Boiling broth we salt and for 30 minutes it is lowered pantsyri shrimps. Ready krevetochnyj the broth is filtered 3. Sauce in a deep frying pan we warm up olive oil and we put in it the cleared garlic. In half-minute in the same butter it is added crude seafood - shrimps, squids, mussels, and garlic is there and then taken out. Instead of it to seafood we add parsley (bodily). On strong fire, intensively stirring slowly, we fry seafood within 2 minutes. Then we pour in to them krevetochnyj a broth and wine. We continue to prepare sauce while half of liquid will not be evaporated. The fried parsley it is left. 4. We boil noodles as usual. 5. Ready noodles it is mixed with sauce, from above we spread circles crackling tsukkini.

By the way

Spaghettis calm nerves

Pasta from firm grades of wheat contain simple carbohydrates which operate on nervous system as a lung soothing. Therefore dieticians very much recommend to all who comes back in the evening from work excited and angry, to eat for a spaghetti supper as they are capable to remove the stress which has collected for a day. However it is necessary to mean that your late supper should not combine macaroni and fat sauces because in such kind you will give to the organism not a relax, and heavy high-calorific a bomb which will inevitably turn to superfluous kgs. Submit this dish with mushrooms, low-fat cheese of type parmesan, or seafood. It will turn out and is tasty, and it is useful.