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Carpets have deprived of elections

On federal to the law on creation of uniform day of voting on elections of local governments all elections should pass in March, 2011. And here elections of mayor Kovrova and kovrovskogo the City Council will pass in 2010.

deputies ZS have not wanted to prolong terms of appointment kovrovskim to the authorities as it were already bothered with a situation which has developed in a city. Mayor Kovrova Irina Tabatskova and the chairman of the local City Council divide the power. And as a result simple inhabitants suffer affliction. Here in ZS also have decided that it is not necessary to local authorities to give superfluous year. And discussed it so:
- I fine understand townsmen of Kovrova, - Alexander Sinjagin, the deputy of Legislative Assembly from fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has acted. - but it is impossible so sharply to break the constitution and to please to a political conjuncture to select at Kovrova the right to elections in 2011! All fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will vote against the given amendment!
- I agree partly with Alexander Mihajlovichem, - independent deputy Victor Shohrin has acted after it. - But on the other hand, in Kovrove already the allergy has appeared on executive power! And for this reason I will vote for the given amendment.
- about what on a broader scale conversation?! - Vladimir Gorjachev got excited. - you (fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - the Bus) On last elections together with Irina Tabatskovoj went! At you there even the former prisoners in the command were! You will naturally support kovrovskie the authorities!
- well, a leah know, it already slander! - the vice-president of Legislative Assembly and a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Anatoly Bobrov was indignant. - I too could tell everyone about your command, however I will not afford it! As I consider that we here do one work!
- yes - yes, let`s be politkorrektnee! - has interrupted inflaming scandal chairman ZS Vladimir Kiselyov.
in completion before deputies have acted walkers .
- For all inhabitants of Kovrova the situation in a native city became the present pain! - with a shiver in a voice Vladimir Mohov, the representative of Factory of a name of Degtyaryov spoke. - after all opposition of the mayor of Irina Tabatskovoj and the chairman of city council of Lyudmila Petrovoj is not quarrel of two women on kitchen! Here all is much more serious. And in our city every year more and more problems. Therefore to prolong terms of appointment for one year for us it is equivalent to death. We ask from deputies of Legislative Assembly of protection, after all for this purpose we and chose you.
as a result have decided to vote by name. All fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, as well as promised, has voted against. Alain Shevjakova and Dmitry Kuznetsov`s independent deputies have joined them. And still voted refusing to Kovrovu prolongation of terms of appointment, was more.

And at this time
the Transport tax once a year

will pay had not time vladimirtsy to get used to that the transport tax is paid two times a year (till July, 15th - first half of sum, till January, 15th - second half) as advance payment have again cancelled.
area Office of Public Prosecutor, having looked narrowly more attentively at gathering of the transport tax to area territories, has come to a conclusion that it gathers with infringement of the federal legislation. On it the owner of a vehicle should pay the tax of times in a year. And any advance payments in the middle of summer. The vladimirskiy regional court has agreed with opinion of Office of Public Prosecutor, and deputies of regional Legislative Assembly had to make changes to the corresponding law. So this summer the tax it is not so necessary to pay.