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Has caused a stir in public relations - receive “ a nail “!

On the eve of the award visitors of ceremony received rather strange invitations - in an invitation card corner the present nail has been pinned. It not accident and not a joke. As a symbol of the monumental contribution to business of prosperity of region, representation “ RASO - Yaroslavl “ the special award " is founded; the Gold nail of handwork “. The gold nail was handed over only to that person and that organisation, whose activity, statements and acts have called a resonance in regional community in 2008.

2008 was rich on events: a train of elections, promises, personnel changes in a management of region and, at last, the crisis which has burst under the end of the year. The representation of the Russian Association on public relations in Yaroslavl has decided to award especially caused a stir in 2008.

Among winners PR - awards: the Governor of Yaroslavl region Sergey Vahrukov (“ The PR-person 2008 “), service on public relations of Northern railway - branch of Open Society of the Russian Railway (“ PR - monumentalism “), the chief of service it is information - analytical maintenance of Verhnevolzhsky branch of Open Society “ TSentrTelekom “ Julia Mihienkova (“ the Fourth measurement “), the director of branch of Open Society “ RusGidro “ - “ the Cascade of Verhnevolzhsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS “ Andrey Derezhkov (“ Faced to a society “), the Chief executive of Noncommercial partnership “ Golden Ring Banks “ the President - the Chairman of the board of Open Society “ JARSOTSBANK “ Sergey Balakin (“ For strong links PR - community “), IPG “ the Spectrum “ (“ PR - the capital “),   Open Company “ the HYPERGLOBE “ in Yaroslavl (“ Global PRîäâèæåíèå “), the theatre director of F.Volkova Boris Mezdrich (“ PRåìüåðà year “) .

organizers received visitors In a hall “ gvozdatoj a meeting “: everyone entering blow “ a gold hammer “ has hammered a nail, symbolising this action the significant contribution to development of sphere of the public relations, many tried to bend will of physical strength the rebellious steel, some have tried a firm cocktail of the award “ the Gold nail “. On a scene on a pedestal personifying the Gold nail, the main awards of the award - Gold nails of handwork settled down. Except key figures from area of a policy, economy and culture of region, the delightsome Gold nail was received by the advanced mass media: the Yaroslavl business magazine “ Subjects and persons “ (“ Media - start of year “), glossy magazine “ Elite Quarter “ (“ PR in luster “), broadcasting company NTM (“ Social PRèòÿæåíèå “), GTRK “ JAroslavija “ (“ the Body - PRîæåêòîð “) Open Company “ the Publishing house “ in Yaroslavl “ (“ PR - drive “), TV channel “ Rybinsk - 40 “ (“ PRèíöèï trust “), the newspaper “ Rybinsk news “ (“ PRîâåðåíî time “), radio station   “ Europe Plus Rybinsk “ (“ positive Radius “), Open Society “ City TV channel “ (“ Through PRèçìó stories “).