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To Tula will bring an ark with particles of hallows of the Blissful Staritsy Matron Moscow

From March, 6 till March, 15th in Tula   a temple of Great martyr Dmitry Solunsky (the ark will abide in Chulkovo) with particles of hallows of the Blissful Staritsy Matron Moscow.   To be put to hallows it will be possible from 7 o`clock in the morning to 7 o`clock in the evening within all days of abiding of hallows.


the INQUIRY “ “


the blissful Matron (Matron Dimitrievna Nikonova) in 1885 in village Sebino of Epifansky district (nowadays Kimovsky area) the Tula province Was born. The village it is located kilometres in twenty from the well-known Kulikovo field. Its parents - the Demetrios and Natalia, peasants - were people pious, fairly worked, lived in poverty. In a family was four children: two brothers - Ivan and Michael, and two sisters - Maria and the Matron. The matron was younger. When she was born, its parents were already elderly.


About bogoizbrannosti girls that at baptism when the priest, has lowered the child in a font, present have seen a column of a smelling sweet easy smoke over the baby bore. About it the relative of the beata the Paul Ivanovich Prochorus who was present at baptism has told. The priest, father Vasily whom church-goers honoured as the righteous man and blissful, have been inexpressibly surprised: “ I baptised much, but such I see for the first time, and this baby will be svjat “. Still father Vasily has told Natalias: “ If the girl asks something, you are necessarily converted directly to me, go and say directly that is necessary “. At baptism the girl has been named by the Matron in honour of the venerable Matron by Constantinople, Greek podvizhni - tsy V centuries.


the Matron was not simply blind, it at all did not have eyes. Eye hollows were closed by densely close centuries, as at that white bird that dreamt about her mother. But the Lord has given it spiritual sight. Even in infancy at night when parents slept, it made the way in the sacred corner, any inexplicably removed from an icon shelf, put them on a table and in night silence played with them.  


From seven - eight-year age at Matronushki gift of a prediction and healing of patients has opened.


at early age the Matron has foretold revolution, as “ will plunder, ruin temples and all to drive " successively;. Figuratively it showed, how will divide the earth, to suffice with greed plots, if only to grasp to itself superfluous, and then all will throw the earth and will run who where. The Earth will be necessary to nobody.


In 1925 the Matron has got over to Moscow in which has lived for the rest of the natural. In this huge capital city there was a set unfortunate, lost, disappeared from the belief, spiritually sick people with the poisoned consciousness. Living about three decades in Moscow, it made that spiritually - prayful ministering which has averted many from  destruction and has resulted in rescue.


Many people came to the Matron with the illnesses and troubles. Having predstatelstvo before God, it helped much. Often the Matron imposed hands on a head and spoke: “ It, it, now I to you will cut wings, do some fighting, do some fighting so long! “ “ You who such? “ - will ask, and in the person suddenly zazhuzhzhit. The mother again will tell: “ You who? “ - is and more stronger zazhuzhzhit, and then it will be returned grace and will say: “ Well, the mosquito has done some fighting, now will suffice! “ And the person leaves the healed.


Till last days lives it confessed and took communion at priests coming to it. On the humility she, as well as ordinary sinful people, was afraid of death and did not hide from relatives of the fear. Before death the priest, the father the Demetrios has come to shrived her, she was very much stirred, a leah has correctly combined handles. The father asks: “ Yet really and you are afraid of death? “ “ I Am afraid “.

on May, 2nd, 1952 it has died.