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The habitation market in Minsk: sellers at last have solved to dump apartments?

the curious tendency was designated after the statement of the president on the largest site of real estate realt. by: sellers seriously became more active. The searcher gives out: for a week 1177 apartments, thus from them only for last day - 537 are exposed!

the Price list begins with 38 thousand - so much, for example, want for 1 - room apartment in panelke on Rotmistrova (33. 7/ 16. 79/ 7. 1 sq. m.) Without repair, 1 floor, 1 128 c.u. for sq. m. However, for the same apartment on Pushkin`s prospectus at the underground want 48 thousand. That, truth, on 2 thousand is less, than two weeks ago. Square metre here 1263 dollars.

we will remind, the expert of the Belarus association Real estate ascertained: such price list (nearby 1200 - 1300 dollars for metre) by the summer will be uniform for all typical apartments in all dormitory areas.

while fair optimists rescue from landslide falling of statistics of the prices only - that else count Pushkin`s same prospectus to sell one-room panelku for 62 thousand.

however, even some falling of the prices is not capable to please seriously still the buyers who have stiffened pending - as on - former there are no accessible credits.

the Minsk persons included in a waiting list Have quickened last days only, what income is less than 1 million 89 thousand on a member of a family - it the Mingorispolkom has promised soft loans without dependence from when they became on turn, but under condition of the introduction into share building. They can, if will carry, to build through executive committee (at the price in 1. 700 thousand - 2 million) Besides, the decree of the president 100 has allowed to be under construction to all persons included in a waiting list without dependence, a leah is necessary to them the soft loan or not. However, besides by turns, which in Minsk - for 20 years.

as the market will react to legislative innovations while to judge early. But simplification of share building the next months is certain will not stop price list falling in the secondary market of habitation.


Now in the market of Minsk at different design stages and buildings works about 80 commercial organisations.

in a building stage is about 40 apartment houses erected by private builders. Cost in 1 sq. m in such houses fluctuates from Br3 million to Br5 million However the sale price depends in each specific case on realtors.

in 2008 in capital it is constructed 1157 thousand sq. M of a total area of habitation from which on a share of the commercial companies it was necessary about 450 thousand in sq. m.