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In the Kaliningrad region to rural teachers kompensrujut a communal flat

In 2009 for granting of measures of social support to pedagogical workers in countryside it will be allocated by 4,934 million rbl. About it at session of the regional government Svetlana Jureva

the Size of social support to experts has told the deputy minister of education is established depending on security of a family. Monthly monetary payment from the budget for payment of a floor space, heating and illumination will provide conformity srednedushevogo the income on each member of a family to size of the living wage established in region.

Now in municipal and regional establishments of education the quantity of the pedagogical workers having the right to granting of measures of social support makes 877 persons, including working pedagogical workers - 566 persons, idle pensioners - 311 persons. In total for 10 months 2009 on granting of measures of social support in addition it is required to pedagogical workers to 4,934 million rbl.