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Upon a crash landing will file criminal charges?

  the first details of a crash landing the Boeing at the Volgograd airport have told in transport Office of Public Prosecutor of Volgograd.


- That the crash landing reason it began necessary to understand   to employees of the Saratov interdistrict committee on transport.   Volgograd   spetsy   committee   now work on a scene.

On one of the version, the plane has left for limits of a runway and has touched with one party of the chassis an illumination lantern. The liner began to gain height, but the rack of the left chassis has not developed. It has not turned out and put forward it in initial position. Then   technicians from a landing strip have examined the Boeing and together with crew have made decision to put the plane. But that the liner has not blown up, the plane should develop almost all fuel. Than hour it therefore is more turned over a city. To a place of a landing of the liner crews of first aid and fire-fighting crews have been pulled together. Fortunately, landing has passed safely. Anybody from passengers and crewmen has not suffered. Now to be spent remedial check. By results will be the question on excitation criminal case if on that there will be bases. Article - 263 criminal codes of Russian Federation Infringement of safety rules of movement and operation railway, air or a sailing charter   - The assistant to the transport public prosecutor Denis KISELYOV has told .


we Will remind, the Plane the Boeing 737 has crash-landed at the Volgograd airport   today in 17. 30. From the liner have deduced 149 passengers, one of them the child,   and   7 crewmen. The plane followed from   Orenburg in Charm - al - the Sheikh, in   the Volgograd airport   made   refuelling and at soar has hooked on a light support. At the liner the forward rack of the chassis and crew   has burst; has made the decision   to sit down in Volgograd.