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Having pretended to be operas, swindlers have plundered erotic salon

In erotic salon on the Leningrad prospectus the present performance one of these days was played. Field investigators from OVD “ Running “ have detained jobless impostors from Altai which, it having presented by inspectors of militia, “introduced in salon an order”. Better to say - plundered. It appears, pseudo-militiamen loafed a month on capital without work.


it would not be desirable To go home. Looking through the newspaper with announcements in job searches, swells have seen advertising of erotic salon. Also have thought up performance. Have registered in reception. Having come, have given out itself for operov: a pier, show - ka to us dokumentiki, than it you here are engaged? While ladies came to the senses from unexpected visit, “militia“ strjasla from them mobile phones and money. A pier, a search. Swells very confidently and coolly operated.

- the Dress send with car, - predators, - Here people without documents, not clearly ordered to imaginary “colleagues“ in a tube than are engaged. It is necessary to check up!
to maidens the command silently has been allowed to sit and not to disturb to a consequence.

-   Companions did not expect that girls will suspect something and will call in militia, - the chief has told a press - groups SAO Victor Maksimov. - and those, despite semilegal business, nevertheless have dared. One of them, having hidden in a wardrobe, has typed “02”. Speculators have detected in the act.
Now predators are in a pre-trial detention centre - there is a check. According to inspectors, most likely, it not their first sortie - is too confident swells of conducted.