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The salary of the cleaner: 330 thousand for five days!

the improbable history similar to a joke, has occurred on Leninsk the prospectus. In currency exchange point it was arranged with the cleaner 28 - summer Alla Strizhak. The owner of an exchanger has given it a key from a premise, and the girl has quickly thought up that with it to do! Instead of washing floor, it sat down to the place of the cashier and while nobody sees, accepted at clients money. The lady, asked to change for roubles of 9 thousand dollars became the first victim of the cleaner. The artful girl took money, has counted them and has begun to chirp …

-   Oh, excuse, at us so much roubles will not be typed. Try to be converted where - nibud still!

later in a pack of dollars which has returned the cashier, the client was not counted … 3600 dollars!
in November - December of last year the girl four more times gave out itself for the cashier. And styrila, in recalculation on roubles, already 330 thousand roubles! And can and more, after all not all a victim, probably, have felt forgery. But who has felt - were converted into militia. On December, 3rd the swindler have caught “on zhivtsa”. At attempt to cheat the client for 100 dollars, the artful cleaner was detained by militia. Yesterday the Gagarinsky court has pronounced to it very soft sentence - the penalty in 300 thousand roubles. And it has returned the money stolen at clients still during the investigation.