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In the Smolensk region flock manufacture

Now this material will be opened is imported from - for borders.
at the enterprise have not casually counted on a flock. It now meets in our everyday life literally continually. Mebelshchiki like it to use as obivochnyj a material. The upholstery from a flock can be met and in cars, trains and planes, at furnish of hotel complexes. After certain processing this fabric is used for manufacturing of blankets in public health services. And in Japan flokovaja the fabric even is used for a footwear upholstery, very beautiful female shoes turn out. By the way in Japan and China (the flock native land) the delegation jartsevskih adopted textile workers technological and a know-how.
initial investments in new manufacture make about 500 million roubles - have told in administration of Jartsevsky area. The new equipment will allow the enterprise to create and let out the unique collection of fabrics, therefore already now there is a question on creation of the design bureau. For training of workers on a new line the administration intends to involve foreign experts with long contracts.
it is literally some days ago in Jartsevo the first party of the equipment has come. Under preliminary plans the working platform under release of a basis of a flock on HBK will be already ready to start in the summer. The industrial complex will make a flock basis, the so-called substrate superficially resembling a dense gauze, further technological process proceeds on new manufacture. And manufacture of a flock, predictably, will open by the end of September.