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In Vladimir « a safari » on tanks has ended with tragedy

on January, 31st in one of bodies of Vladimir region happens to state of emergency: the tank in which there was a soldier - srochnik Ruslan of Millers has turned over. The tank went on an artificial embankment in height about two and a half metres. The left caterpillar zavisla over an abrupt slope. And the one who operated T - 80 instead of handing over back, has included forward third transfer. The car has overturned.  

the Military man sitting in a tower of a fighting vehicle, has dropped out of the hatch and has received crisis of the basis of a skull. At first all fault for the happened have written off on inexperience 19 - the summer tankman. As Ruslan was lost and could not give indications any more, stories gradually would forget all about it.

But here in military - the investigatory department on the Vladimirskiy garrison has pled guilty battalion commander Alexey Sorokin who has told that actually has occurred in a part. It appears, the tank certain people " operated not so military, and; from street . By Sorokin`s recognition, he has allowed civil to drive by fighting vehicles, and those have arranged races. As a result there was a tragedy, the person was lost.

the Commander of a battalion does not know their names, has told only that they have arrived to a part on dorogushchih foreign cars, and among them there were minors, passes news agency REGNUM.

the Head military - investigatory department on the Vladimirskiy garrison Andrey Maslov has promised that by all means will find all participants a safari . And then all will incur the merited punishment: Sorokin can receive from 3 till 10 years, and the one who has overturned the tank - 5.