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Date illness has carried away lives of 19 Bolivians

From a fever of Denge also known as an articulate fever, or date illness, 19 inhabitants of Bolivia have already died, total number caught this life-threatening illness has reached almost 31 thousand.

In department Santa - Krus where the greatest quantity of cases of disease is registered, from - for perepolnennosti hospitals was necessary to convert three military barracks for reception of patients.

In the beginning of February in connection with epidemic of the power of Bolivia declared in the country state of emergency and were converted to the international community behind the help, reminds RIA News .

the Government accepts emergency measures that though as - that to constrain illness distribution. A carrier of a tropical fever of Denge are mosquitoes, usual inhabitants of the country are involved in fumigation of the centres of an infection, and more than 18 thousand military men also.

Ministry of Health of Bolivia has counted up that for struggle against epidemic it is necessary for the country at least two million dollars and 500 units of equipment for fumigation. State of emergency, most likely, will last before the termination of a season of rains - three months.