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Kemerovchanka nearly has not killed the husband a knife for the alimony

the Knife wound dispute of two former spouses concerning payments of the alimony has ended. On February, 25th home to 26 - to summer Anatoly I the former wife has come, 37 - summer Tatyana P.Zhenshchina wanted to find out, why the ex-husband has ceased to pay the alimony of their minor daughter. Having seen that Tatyana has come not one, and with a roommate, Anatoly has started up them in apartment, and according to hospitality laws, has set for a table. During short conversation Anatoly has some times mentioned that now has no stable earnings, therefore to pay in time the alimony cannot. Tatyana in the answer has declared that the real man cannot simply leave the children to the mercy of fate. The counterargument put forward by Anatoly Still it is not known, a leah washing she is the daughter! has forced Tatyana to seize for a knife and to strike to the potential supporter blow in a chest. Fortunately, the wound has appeared superficial, vitals have not been touched. The physicians called on a scene were engaged in the wounded man, and employees of the Kirov department of militia have started gathering of proofs and poll of the witness, the suspect and the victim. Now Tatyana is under a subscription about nevyezde, the question on criminal case excitation is solved. Anatoly after recover plans to find work and immediately to start to pay the alimony, informs a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs on Kemerovo.