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Scandal in United Nations Security Council: Iran was tired to listen « beaten and unsubstantiated » charges

Session of Security council of the United Nations has come to the end with loud scandal: new representatives of the USA have acted with old charges to Iran - endure such Teheran could not.

Postpred of the USA at Susan Rice United Nations,   reminding the predecessor not only a surname, but also outwardly, has accused   Iran in pressing forward to receive the nuclear weapon and terrorism support.

to Argue with the lady in a hall became nobody, but in an hour on a table at the chairman in Security Council Japanese postpreda the angry letter from the Iranian colleague lay.  

It is a pity that again we hear the same beaten, unsubstantiated and groundless charges which were repeated unfairly and in vain by the previous administration. Instead of bringing charges against others, to the United States followed undertake concrete steps for correction of a former erroneous policy and practice concerning other states, including Islamic Republic Iran - quotes RIA Novosti news agency   the reference of Iranians.

we Will remind that earlier Barack Obama repeatedly declared readiness of the USA to begin direct dialogue with Iran, but in practice the new administration shows while tactics of the command of Bush - younger.