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To the enterprises of a sailing charter of the Irkutsk region will help to leave crisis

Till the end of March in the government of the Russian Federation the petition for write-off or debts re-structuring   will be directed; the enterprises of a sailing charter of the Irkutsk region before the state. Such decision was accepted at exit meeting concerning transport maintenance of northern territories of the Irkutsk region in Kirenske who was spent by Igor Esipovsky.

During question discussion decisions on a conclusion from crisis lenskih shipping companies, REB fleet, the ship-building enterprises have been made. The government of the Irkutsk region incurs the obligation to promote that who has appeared in a bankruptcy stage, to help them with situation improvement. In the near future also the package of documents for region inclusion in the Federal target program " will be prepared; Development of transport system of Russia on 2010 - 2015 .

-   To stabilise a financial position of the enterprises - rechnikov will help besides grants from the regional budget which compensate dropping out incomes by transportation passengers on ferries through the river Lena, - Igor Esipovsky has underlined.

the Governor has listed the basic problems rechnikov: debts before the state, long procedure of bankruptcy, external control, a deterioration of fixed capital.

- Industrial development of northern territories of the Irkutsk region - a strategic problem of perspective development of our region. Its decision is impossible without creation of the adjusted transport network as for backbone branch of economy of the north of area, - Igor Esipovsky has noted.