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The nurse of children of Chichvarkina have searched at the airport

While the businessman observes of a course of investigation from London, SKP the Russian Federation actively communicates with its former subordinates. So, inspectors managed to ruin the plan companion Chi a leading role in which have entrusted the nurse of its two children.

Irina Ozhogina should deliver to owners new platinum credit cards Visa and a few cash. Having received by proxy in bank Platinum credit cards, the lady has left for the airport. Time for flying away has been chosen too the special: Irina has arrived in Domodedovo at the dead of night on February, 23rd but to pass not noticed to it it was not possible.

Towards to the nurse there was an investigatory brigade with the decision about manufacture of the seizure of documents, being in a white envelope . In that envelope just cards, 6 thousand pounds sterling and a flash card with Jeanne Aguzarovoj`s records also lay.

Having given best regards to Chichvarkinu, inspectors have released the nurse on flight, but from all valuable luggage to it have left only grechku and a herring.

Meanwhile, it is not excluded that poizderzhavshijsja Evgenie all - taki can receive the credit cards: as have explained to the Businessman   in business circles, the platinum client should be converted directly into bank, and to it will send a new map the express train - mail.

Later the consequence has appeared suddenly already in an office office of the assistant of the former owner Euronetworks Natalias Ikonnikovoj, and also in its apartment situated near Moscow.

Having shown to the girl the similar decision, inspectors have taken away with themselves its computer and the laptop, mobile phones, the notebooks, all cards and even a photo album.

And next day to Ikonnikov already waited on interrogation: till the late evening at soratnitsy Chichvarkina found out, how in its computer there were materials of criminal case of the chief. The assistant in the answer parried that all information has been collected during judicial sessions and does not comprise any secrets.

Lawyer Chichvarkina Yury Gervis explains all these actions by desire of a consequence to tear off all communications of the fluent businessman in Russia.